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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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chant. >> under mining obama, 47 u.s. republican senators send an open letter to the leaders of iran saying any deal they strike with the u.s. president could be cut down the day he leaves office. >> the point we're making to iran's leaders who don't understand our constitution if congress doesn't approve a deal congress won't accept a deal now and in the future. good day i'm peter alexander live in washington my colleague andrea mitchell joining us live from the united nations. over your shoulder we can see the line growing as people await to hear from the former secretary of state. >> reporter: in fact the line here of people also who are here for the women's conference celebrating international
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women's day, that was the reason that clinton was here in new york for two days landmark report yesterday co-chaired by her foundation and also the gates foundation, but of course everything overshadowed as her upcoming political campaign is likely to be overshadowed by these controversies unless she resolves them and answers questions. that's why she so reluctantly agreed to answer questions today. i would doubt that this peter is going to be one of those i'll answer everything until you're exhausted news conferences. that's not what is contemplated. what they are suggesting to us she'll answer a few questions and it remains to be seen whether that will satisfy critics in her own party such as dianne feinstein who said she had to come forward and dick durbin, another key leader in the senate saying on quts morning joe that she had to come forward and resolve the questions. it isn't just the republicans piling on although she has given ammunition to the
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researchesresearch republicans and flaunderring benghazi committee which has new legs because of this controversy. here with me is ann gearan chief diplomatic correspondent for years and covering her campaign as well. we've seen this act before. we have seen the pressure from critics and the clintons first resisting. this time with the campaign about to be announced by all reports, it really did reach critical mass. >> i mean i don't think this whole e-mail controversy is going to delay her announcement but it definitely threw off her timing about what came when and meant she had to answer questions on someone else's timetable and a subject she didn't want to address rather than the carefully scripted rollout she had planned for this spring. >> her answers so far about why she had a private e-mail system
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exclusively, rather than using as the current secretary of state does why she had a private e-mail system and why she did not produce these e-mails sooner she did it only upon the request, all of that is yet to be determined. >> she hasn't answered any of those questions. what she has done is issue a tweet last week that said she wants the public to see her e-mails and she asked the state department to facilitate that. they are doing so but likely to take months before they can release some. this will be the first time time that she directly answers questions about why she selt it up the way she did and how it worked. >> in our newsroom msnbc senior editor, beth you've covered politics tore so many years, this does seem like a self-inflicted wound. >> it does andrea. hillary clinton has a really good opportunity today if she does it right to if not completely put this behind her,
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to open up some clarity about what went on there and went on no the announcement of her campaign as ann was suggesting. i covered her 2008 presidential campaign hillary clinton often says i was born with a responsibility gene, that's her term, responsibility gene. i want to do the right thing. and this is her chance for her to complain, you know what this was not this big of a deal folks. until she does that and gets out ahead and answers the questions that everybody has, explains why she did it then she can't move forward. this was the right decision for her to take questions from the press and hopefully to take as many questions that come her way so she will -- any further questions about why she did this. >> dick durbin today, the senior senator from illinois who is very close to the president, as we know had this to say on "morning joe". >> i'd like to hear her explanation. i think dianne feinstein was
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right. she should come forward and explain the situation. let me tell you in the senate members of the senate many of us who have e-mails are instructed by the senate not to do anything of personal or political nature in our official account. we have two separate e-mail accounts. many senators do. it's what we're instructed to do. i would like to hear her explanation of why she did it and what was covered by it and she has called if i'm not mistaken for the disclosure of all of these e-mails. >> beth and ann, she hasn't been asked nor has she disclosed what she did when she was a senator from new york. did she use or the private e-mails there? >> we don't know that. we do know she used a private server when she was a candidate in 2007 2008. this system appears to be a successor system to that that was owned and operated out of her house. >> andrea i was going to say that senator durbin's remarks were quite tough, and indicative
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of the fact -- he was the canary in coal mine saying it's time for democrats to feel comfortable with you and what you're doing here. he was stepping forward representing the party i think in this case. no matter what hillary says today she's not going to satisfy trey gowdy and republican opponents. this is an opportunity for her to put democrats at ease and that's what dick durbin was trying to do there, it's time for her to do that. >> a lot of people wondered why is hillary clinton so reluctant to deal with this? why did they hunker down for two weeks? >> it didn't seem like a long time in the past but in the age of social media, it does appear to be a very long time politically. well this is what happened back in april of 1994. i was covering the white house, she came into the state dining room after a lot of questions were asked about that arkansas land deal known as white water. and she was told if you sit here and answer every question then
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this will resolve it. this was part of what happened. i think we have a little bit of that tape -- as you can see she sat there was and it was a very long question and the result was more questions and more investigations and ended up with the white water prosecutor ken starr, every time i answer questions, they want more. >> the predicate for her for her husband, for kind of clinton incorporated is that the press will never be satisfied and republican critics will never be satisfied. it doesn't matter what you do you'll never be able to answer these questions. and to a degree they are right but that doesn't mean that the questions aren't legitimate to be asked. >> i wanted to return beth and ann to the reason she's here today, this is 20 years since we traveled with her to beijing. and she gave a landmark speech against the opposition of the state department, of national security advisers at the time.
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the white house didn't want her to do this. she was the first lady speaking on a sensitive issue in china, in beijing about women's rights and human's rights. >> yeah i mean -- >> if there is one message that echos forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights once and for all. [ applause ] and among those rights are the right to speak freely and the right to be heard. >> i can't tell you all how controversial that was at the time 20 years later, it was actually not on this date but it is international women's day and that is why this week they are not only celebrating this but laying the foundations for a political campaign anne that contrary to what we experienced in 2008 is going to focus on her gender. this is the change element that
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she is trying to present, that she is a woman, that she can break that final glass ceiling politically having a woman who could become the first woman president of the united states. and that is how she plans to campaign. >> absolutely. we've heard a great deal of about ceilings this week. it was titled of yesterday's report, no ceilings that history-making potential as hillary clinton of the first woman president as the absolute foundation block of the campaign she's likely to announce in a couple of weeks. this week was supposed to be part of the way she introduced to voters the idea that she has worked on the issues her whole life. >> anne gearan and beth thanks so much. we're going to go inside and get on this line. peter alexander, back to you. >> thank you very much. to our entire group there, the line hasn't moved much you're not missing anything yet just. another headline the controversy over the letter sent by 47 republicans to iran's
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leadership on the nuclear negotiations the letter reads in part we will consider any agreement regarding your nuclear weapons program that is not approved by the congress as nothing more than an executive agreement. the next president could revoke such an executive agreement with the stroke of a pen and future congresses can modify the terms of the agreement at any time. president o bam may quickly denounced the letter quickly in the oval office. >> it's ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hard liners in iran. it's an usual coalition. i think what we're going to focus on is whether we can get a deal or not. once we do then we'll -- if we do we'll make the case to the american people and i'm confident we'll be able to implement it. >> that's prfs president obama
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at the oval office. we're joined by kelly o'donnell on the north lawn at the white house. i want to put your congressional correspondent hat on for a second here and talk to us about what a huge political maneuver this was. even "the wall street journal" argues this was a bad move in part the editorial read as follows, the problem with the gop letter is it's a distraction from what should be the main goal of persuading the american people. monday's letter let's mr. obama change the subject to charge that republicans are playing politics. so today, 24 hours later, are republican senators sticking to their guns? >> at this point they are. the letter was put together by the youngest member of the senate tom cotton of arkansas 37 years old. he was able to get some of the most venerable names to sign on. only seven of the 54 senators declined to sign it. it is a far majority big
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majority of republican senators trying to raise the public's awareness of what they believe are flaws in the deal. but doing so is such an unusual step it has drawn a robust criticism about whether this was appropriate to do or not. and most people are coming down on the side of this was a bit too provocative to address an open letter to a foreign government, some consider an enemy state to the united states in the context of this. and part of their motivation is a belief that they are concerned about the vul deal should one come would it be trust worthy and good for the united states and good for israel? their motivations are fairly well understood. this tactic of using a letter has been criticized pretty soundly and the vice president came out with very strong words. that's important because he spent 36 years in the senate and knows the institution. its history has many good relationships with senate republicans. for him to talk about being offended at a time biden says
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it's realty hi undercutting the president. republicans who want to draw the public's attention to this issue and say they fear a good deal will not be crafted with international partners have given an president an opportunity to say they are meddling where they should noxt. >> one of the republican senators who signed his name to that letter is the senator from florida, marco rubio, luke russert caught up with him a short time ago. >> fallout from the tom cotton letter, what's your response? a lot of people say it's treasonous to some degree. >> this is an unusual moment with an incredible risk to the world to the country and region and it required an unusual method to deal with it. risk a nuclear iran -- i would send another one tomorrow. the risk of nuclear iran is so great we need to do everything possible to keep us from finding ourselves in a situation -- >> women you send another letter tomorrow? >> absolutely.
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>> good hustle from luke russert on the hill right now. speaking to the politics behind this the new wall street journal poll indicates americans are skeptical, 71% say it will not make a difference. just a quarter of americans believe it will make a difference. how concerned are white house staffers and aides to the president about that lack of american support right now? >> reporter: one of the things they are trying to do is draw attention to this issue of the republican leer. eric shultz spokesman on board, called this a blatant flagrant partisan move and they think if there is anything that is shaking that it's these actions by republican senators who are giving a message to iran that it is not a good faith negotiation if the united states government is not sort of speaking with one voice. so this is volatile and it's the
9:15 am
kind of thing with just ten days to go until the deadline having this kind of a back and forth domesticically that spills over into the international arena, means we're not sure what impact it will have but plenty of blame will be spread around should a deal fall apart. peter? >> kelly o'donnell on a rain soaked north lawn. good to see you. >> u.s. ambassador to south korea is out of the hospital today, that was one week ago that mark lippert was attacked by a knife. it took in seoul, suffered a 4 inch slash to his face and cuts on his arm. today he sounded remarkably positive. >> i feel pretty darn good all things considered, i mean, it was obviously a scary incident but i'm walking and talking, holding my baby hugging my wife. i just feel really good. i've got a little rehab left to do on the arm.
9:16 am
the face feels really good. but thanks for the great medical professionals, i feel like i said pretty darn good. >> looking pretty darn good. he underwent three hours of surgery, he received $80 stitch the attack has raised suspicions on how the suspect was able to get so close to a high ranking official. lippert was assigned one unarmed bodyguard at the time. he said he's looking forward to getting back to the job. a terrifying view of the boston bombing released at the trial of the man accused of planting the bomb. what it means for the case. we'll have that ahead. first though the president of the university of oklahoma saying there is no room on his campus for the kind of racist language used by some fraternity members. >> our students are route outraged. we're going to send a message i hope across the country that other people ought to show zero tolerance also. more with our conversation
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there is more fallout from the racist video that surfaced from the fraternity from the university of ohio. sae have until the end of today to take their belongings and move out of the house on campus. this is more allegations of racist behavior are emerging. earlier today, andrea spoke with the university president, david born, about ou's strong response. >> joining me now is david borne, the president of the university of oklahoma. you took immediate action
9:21 am
pre-dawn to condemn this. tell me at this stage what are next steps, are these students going to be expelled? >> that's very possible right now we're finishing up our investigation, we have a preliminary investigation of the ring leaders, those leading the chant and looking at the civil rights act of 1964 and other legislation to see exactly what our rights are. i would say at this point, i would certainly like to expel the ring leaders at least and get them out and take some other action to work with other students that were on pt bus that were involved in the chant. that's a possible next action. we're -- they are moving out of the house at the time and moving their belongings out of the sae house. i hope they are doing a lot of thinking about the damage done and the hurt they've caused and we're boarding up windows, taken off the greek letters. we've tried to send a really clear message, not who we are as sooners, real sooners respect and care about each other.
9:22 am
our students are outraged and we're not going to let this define the university. we're going to send a message i hope across the country that other people ought to show zero tolerance also. >> speak of zero tolerance, there were reports there were other instances, is this isolated or could other fraternity or other groups on campus also be involved? >> no i don't think so this was strictly an sae activity. it was their founders day program, unfortunately. i've heard rumors that there have been similar problems with sae chapters and even with singing of this same song other places in the country, we're trying to verify that. but we're going to also -- i'm going to be meeting with leaders of all of the fraternities and sororities and other organizations on campus. we want to make sure all organizations are not only inclusive but have proper sensitivity training. there are a lot of things that need to be done. we have a very strong community
9:23 am
and what you saw yesterday were the protests from our entire community and student athletes it wasn't just students of color. it was white students it was all students coming together and i've never seen such anger from our students because that's not who we are. we don't want to be defined by those who completely violate our values. so i don't think it is typical but just like in this whole country, we can't say we're -- we don't have racial problems. we do and we have to honestly face them. we're going to do that right here on the campus. this is an educational institution, even when bad things happen, we try to make it a learning experience and that's exactly what we're going to do here. >> new video surfaced overnight with a house mother from the same fraternity participating in using the n word in a similar chant or song. have you verified that? >> no i've not heard -- this is the first i've heard of that. that could be a rumor.
9:24 am
i certainly don't think a house mother would participate in that. we'll check that out. no i've not. there were actually two videos but they were both videos of the bus incident. we know of two videos and we have them both and we're examining them both putting them on the big screen to identify students involved but i've not heard about anyone else at the sae house or anyone else not on the bus. >> we have not verified that account, that's why i was asking you. that may not be the case. >> right, i would be very surprised. >> i wanted to ask about the football team. they canceled practice and prayed and joined with the protest, the anger and sorrow over this. but at the same time a very top prospect decommitted as a result of that. are you concerned about the football program and about ou's reputation nationally? >> i'm always concerned about the football program. we're not just a football
9:25 am
school, we're number one in the nation and national merit scholars among all public universities. we set very high academic standards. i think if that recruit learns a little more how the football team reacted and how the president administration reacted and student body reacted to this incident, i think he would see that this is very welcoming and inclusive place. maybe he'll change his mind. but i do commend the athletics director and head coach bob stupz, they've been very supportive of my actions and student athletes have been very supportive and been very much in solidarity about this. i think that's the message that student recruits whether they be students or student athletes are getting from the university. so yes, we're always concerned but i think again, i think as they look at the whole situation, they'll see it should be a real tribute to our student body and how welcoming we are
9:26 am
that there's been such outrage. and we have just refused to be defined by this. >> you said earlier that you thought there might have been other sae -- other sae houses on other campuses that participated in the same behavior. have you been in touch with other university presidents and other administrators. is this a national problem for this fraternity? >> well i just don't know. i would hesitate to make that statement because mainly these are rumors at this point. students talking to students and other things. so we've not been able to verify that but i hope that the national organization is looking into all of its chapters to make sure that this kind of thing is not going on elsewhere. that's the reason -- how often -- we just have to all speak up and this brings it home to me we sit in casual conversation sometimes and hear racist remarks and don't bother to raise our voices and say this is wrong, i don't like you're saying that.
9:27 am
we have to do that all over the country. in big situations like this and in smaller every day chats and everything else we americans have to stand up and say, this is no longer not socially acceptable in our country and not acceptable period. and that's what we're trying to do here. we're trying to send a strong message. let's all of us do it. whatever situation we face let's have zero tolerance for racism. that's our message out of all of this. >> david boren, thanks for joining us today. >> part of andrea's conversation a short time ago. we have a new statement from the national chapter from the fraternity confirming the name of the house mother you heard them speaking about, boden gillbo, there is speculation that this vine video purports to show her rapping a racial slur but does not appear to be chanting the same thing as video with fraternity members.
9:28 am
we don't know if it was edited or maneuvered or faked in any way. in a statement the national fraternity condemned the video saying, we saw the video for the first time last night and share the same sentiment as the chapter video. this is racist deplorable behavior and we cannot allow this type of hateful mentality to be acceptable and certainly with adult peers within they interact. they do not know the circumstances or source of the video. we have now learned as well within the last moments as i'm speaking to you that two students at the university of oklahoma have been expelled in connection with this latest episode. it continues to develop as we learn more in the course of this hour, we'll share that with you. of course hillary clinton is expected to address questions about her use of private e-mail. what her comments could mean for the wider 2016 field. it's next right here on msnbc.
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more on the news we broke just before the break. university of oklahoma president david boren xpemed two students related to the racist chant incident at the university of oklahoma. these students were identified as playing in the words of the university president a leadership role in the singing of that racist chant at the fraternity event. the students created a hostile learning environment for others. the university will continue its investigation of all of the students engaged in singing of the chant. they said once their identities have been confirmed, they will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. another story in boston witnesses continuing to take the stand on the fourth day of testimony in the boston bombing trial. for the first time yesterday jurors saw striking surveillance video of dzhokhar tsarnaev fleeing the scene as the first
9:33 am
bomb went off. you see him circle then watch him start to run the opposite direction. prosecutors say he then dropped his back pack right behind some children quickly walking away just moments before the second bomb went off. about 30 minutes later as chaos and fear gripped the city of boston tsarnaev is seen here from a whole foods grocery store, calmly buying milk and joining us from the courthouse in boston is nbc's reheel heemhema ellis. they examined many videos as part of this investigation. what does that do in terms of helping the prosecution's case? >> reporter: what it does peter, it puts the defendant at the crime scene. even though this defendant essentially via his defense attorney and the opening statements says that is him, admitted his involvement in this case the prosecution still has an obligation to prove their case and they are doing it step
9:34 am
by step with videos that we're now seeing and even with testimony we're hearing now. we're on the seventh witness of the day. one of the witnesses from this morning, peter i should tell you on the more technical side of what's happening in terms of the case that the prosecution is presenting, a government witness is talking about how they created a space here in boston the size of two football fields in which they gathered evidence. they said some of it was 3,000 pieces of evidence. some of it came from the hospital and it was -- and i'm quoting here still wet and bloody and had to be dried out. they also talked about how for a while two plane loads went into virginia into quantityco, into the fbi laboratory where they analyzed this information piece by piece. in addition another witness today talked about the responsibility that this witness had for the government of piecing the bomb back together
9:35 am
one fragment at a time trying to show in a detailed manner that this particular defendant is involved in this and guilty of the 30 federal crimes that he's charged with peter. >> rea heel ma thank you very much. the potential democratic front-runner a wash in an e-mail controversy, gets ready to meet the press. what will hillary clinton say? we're have more on that next. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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you're watching quts an dree"andrea mitchell reports". an e-mail controversy threatening to distract from a likely presidential announcement as early as next month. we want to take a closer look at our new nbc news/wall street journal poll on where she stands right now. joining us for our daily fix,
9:39 am
washington bureau chief, susage page and mark murray and jonathan capehart msnbc's contributor and "washington post" editorial writer. jonathan sorry you couldn't be with us for this gathering. mark, i want to start with you, this poll you were a part of. the good news -- there's good news and bad news for hillary clinton. we'll start with the good news she's in great shape with democrats as the numbers bear out. 86% saying they could see themselves supporting her. a majority of registered voters say hillary clinton presidency as more about past policies than new ideas and some some ways she benefits by jeb bush getting in the race. >> on the democratic front she's dweting almost universal support from democrats. you're pollster said this is an extraordinary position to start a presidential bid. 86% support, 13% no.
9:40 am
when you talk about the change election and what was most striking, 60% of americans believe they prefer a candidate being a change candidate rather than being tested and experienced. when you think about test and experience that sounds like what hillary clinton's message would end up being. that is a challenge for her. the good news for her, if jeb bush is the nominee, people view him as less change that be her. >> numbers are striking susan, as it relates to jeb bush we'll put those up 60% of registered voters link him more to past policies than new ideas. this can be problematic, his last name is bush right, clear link to the past. but he's up against a lot of fresh faced folks like scott walker and others right now. >> the bad news for democrats may be that hillary clinton is in such a strong position it's hard to mention anyone effectively challenging her for the nomination. she may very well be the nominee. republicans will have a debate who they want representing their party and they have credible alternatives to jeb bush who do
9:41 am
not carry the baggage he carries and portray themselves as a candidate of change like marco rubio or rand paul or scott walker. >> jonathan, i want to bring you in and look ahead to hillary clinton's press conference starting less than an hour from right now. how important is it for her politically to get through this without a political gaffe and leaving any new questions unanswered? >> well, look i think she's going to have to do what chris christie did during the bridge gate scandal, to stand there or sit there in terms of the pink suit press conference in the '90s when wit water was at issue she's going to have to have an explanation and sit and stand and answer every question -- >> do you think she's going to sit for an hour and a half like chris christie? >> there are a lot of questions here and depending what she says at the outset they could leave to even more questions. i think the problem that hillary
9:42 am
clinton has now, there could be a reasonable explanation for all of this but the problem is as we've been talking about for the last week now, there's a narrative out there that the clintons can't seem to shake, the narrative that the clintons are secretive and believe that the rules do not apply to them. she has to do her level best today to try to break that narrative, give an explanation and then move on. the only upside to all of this it's happening before she announces for president and way early in the presidential election cycle. >> let's play a lightning round. you're in the room, what is your first question to hillary clinton? >> why why did you set up a separate server and use private e-mail when you were secretary of state in the. >> and secondly how do we get access that all of the e-mails are really the extent to e-mails? >> you say there needs to be something actionable you have to do something like turn your server over. >> she can answer a ton of
9:43 am
questions, but to put it in the rearview mirror, put a time tabl on here's how the public can get to the e-mails worth looking at. >> jonathan, lastly? >> only thing i would add to those two great questions, why did it take so long after the initial story to come out and do this press conference? >> those are all good questions, thanks for being here. coming up next 20 years after hillary clinton's landmark speech about women's rights in beijing, what has changed, insigts from inside a u.n. report up next here on msnbc.
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9:47 am
event. gabe gutierrez is joining us from on the campus. the president has said there could be more strict punishments as they continue to find out exactly who these individuals are, the role they played. what's the reaction there today? >> reporter: hi, peter, a lot of people on campus wondering how far the punishment will go. university officials were looking into whether the students in the video violated the civil rights act and the president said yes he minced no words, that these students should leave and the sae members have until midnight tonight to move out of the house. within the past few minutes, the president announcing two students have been expelled. he said in a statement that i quote have emphasized there is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the university of oklahoma and i hope the entire nation will join us in having zero tolerance of such racism when it raises its ugly head in other situations throughout the country. here on the ou campus a lot of
9:48 am
people are wondering what could be next. there were many other students there on that bus. the president did not identify the two students that were expelled but again, within the past hour, university of oklahoma announcing that two students have been expelled following this racist video that surfaced over the weekend. peter, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, as always thanks for your reporting there. later today before hillary clinton meets the press, she will be focusing her attention on her flight of women around the world and will speak at the united nation about an hour from right now about the release of a new u.n. report. it finds an alarmingly high level of violence against women. joining us now is nbc asia america editor give us a background on the gathering at the u.n. and more than anything what it is what the announcements are that they are specifically making?
9:49 am
>> the headline is there are delegates gathering around the world to talk about a report in new york which is not that exciting on the face of it but it is pretty incredible. it looks at 20 years of information from 167 different countries, information we didn't have 20 years ago. it is solely to assess the state of women today, what it was like 20 years ago and what has happened in the last 20 years. for all of the talk about women's empowerment and gender equality, we didn't have this information then we're talking about everything from access to health care and access to education and how many are in elected office. finally having that kind of information will allow for a lot more improvement moving forward now. hillary clinton was at that conversation 20 years and spoke at the knks the reports released this week is getting a lot more attention because of her involvement than it otherwise might have gotten. >> of course it does even despite all of the progress that's been made in the course of two decades, it's clearly not enough. i want the sense about some of the findings though because the
9:50 am
report says there are alarmingly high levels of violence against women, not a surprise but may be striking how widespread this continues to be as an issue around the world. >> absolutely we have some of these numbers to share too. 35% of women worldwide have experienced some kind of physical violence more than one in three women worldwide. i think we have other numbers that show one in ten women under the age of 18 say they have been forced to have sex. and when you look at the murder rates for women 38% women murdered are killed by their partner. we report on it anecdotally when we talk about stories like the school girls in nigeria being kidnapped or women enslaved by isis. these numbers are the same, they are alarmingly high across the world, whether you're talking rich countries, poor countries, countries in conflict or at war
9:51 am
or at peace. that is perhaps one of the most disturbing takeaways from this report. >> nice to see you always thank you. >> thanks, peter. after a week of nonstop headlines, hillary clinton finally expected to answer questions about her exclusive use of private e-mail when she ran the state department. back to andrea mitchell right after this break. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. for a crowd this big your everyday dishes will only go so far. literally. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep.
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9:54 am
>> not really. >> not really? >> thanks. >> be more transparent? >> that was the former maryland governor martin o'malley here in washington, d.c. deflecting any questions thrown his way about the hillary clinton situation. we want to get back to andrea mitchell ahead of hillary clinton's speech and news conference. andrea, help tee up the day for hillary clinton?
9:55 am
>> right now there are hundreds of women lining up inside the u.n. after lining up outside the u.n. to go into the auditorium to hear her speak. she'll be speaking about the gender equality issues and gap and well documented issues this week and then after that she's going to be taking questions in a separate location in this building. we think only a few questions. i don't think this is going to be a full fledged let it all hang out news conference because it may take place at the position outside the security council where correspondents and myself over the year stand and ask questions of u.n. ambassadors as they come out at security council meetings. that is hardly a lengthy news conference or extended opportunity for questions -- former secretary clinton about all of this. i think this will be an attempt to quiet the storm by answering a few questions and perhaps making a statement and trying to get past this as she prepares
9:56 am
for what was expected to be an april rollout of a campaign for presidency. >> this is an unprecedented, if not historic day. andrea thank you. that's going to to do it for this edition of quts andrea mitchell reports. tomorrow andrea will interview chris coons. follow the show on facebook and twitter. you can always follow-up with my colleague thomas roberts, who's joining us now for a look as what's coming up next on msnbc live. >> i love how andrea is talking about the let it all hang out news conference or if not. we're waiting to see what we'll get from hillary clinton. this is the first time she's speaking publicly about the controversy over private e-mail. chris matthews is among those joining me for the complete team coverage over the next two
9:57 am
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i'm thomas roberts, breaks news on msnbc live former secretary of state hillary clinton will break her liesilence about the controversy of the private e-mail. the former secretary of state will deliver the keynote address at the united nations event aimed at empowering women and showcasing gender equality and she'll hold what her representatives are calling a brief press conference at 2:20. the controversy began eight days ago with a new york times exclusive which has provoked a number of questions about her e-mail. those questions include, why did she set up a private server at her home in new york? why has she maintained control over a server that houses what are public records? how many of the total number of e-mails has she


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